WE sat down and spoke with artist bob hollywood, who specializes in making sculptures from corten steel and stainless steel. Bob was recently awarded the opportunity, by hartlepool council to make a sculpture honouring the work of filmmakers sir ridley scott and his brother tony scott, who both attended hartlepool college of art and design during their formative years.

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Tell us about yourself:

Way back when:

I started work at the age of 16, worked hard, taught myself how to weld, went to college, got better and then got

sacked!...that was the beginning.

Soon, I found gainful work welding but eventually became frustrated working for other people and decided to go it



Since 1999 I have run a company called Hollywood Design, based in London, which allows me to express myself

and my skills in the making of beautifully crafted pieces of sculpture, in both the commercial and private markets.

8 years ago I introduced an offspring company called in which we make sculpture from

weathering steel, otherwise known as Corten.

Could you tell us about the Sir Ridley Scott project:

I was approached by Hartlepool council, in the north east of England, about a project that would pay respect to

Sir Ridley Scott and his association with the town that he grew up in. It was here that he spent his early days at

college and where he made his first film “Boy and Bicycle” a black and white 24 minute film shot in the streets of

Hartlepool and the surrounding areas using 16mm film.

What was your creative process:

The film showed a boy on a bicycle, riding down Church street, having not a care in the world, the wind in his hair

and imagining that he was the only person in the world, that boy in the film was Tony Scott, Ridley Scott’s


My idea was to pay homage to both the brothers by taking a frame from the film and translating it into a piece of

artwork that would pay respect to them both. To achieve this, I decided to use a contrast between Corten steel

and stainless steel, making the boy life- sized in stainless steel and spacing him away from the Corten

background, all on a flat plain, which uses a forced perspective to make it look three-dimensional.

What’s next for you:

Currently I am working with various borough councils in the UK, developing pieces of artwork that highlight new

and exciting wetland areas in and around cities that will encourage nature and wildlife to thRive

“BOY AND BICYCLE” BY BOB HOLLYWOOD      to view more of bob hollywood’s work visit:    Hollywood design


to view more of bob hollywood’s work visit: Hollywood design

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